Sunday, June 26, 2011

And It Begins...

6 a.m. - Wake up
6:30 - Wake up for real this time
6:45 - Make breakfast for kids
7 - Find random animated/talking animal tv show to occupy kids while I search for the lost sippy cup
7:15 - Still no sippy cup, so lets 2 year old drink from a regular cup
7:16 - Regrets giving 2 year old regular cup
7:17-noon - Complete blur
12:30 - NAP!!
12:30-2 - House work (well, making a list for tomorrow's housework)
2-5 - Make sure the kids don't kill themselves, or each other, outside.
5pm - Decide what least-unhealthy/expired stuff I have in the pantry and fridge to throw together for dinner
7 - An hour and a half into convincing my 2 year old that his green beans aren't poisoned, and that if I find them in the dresser drawer again I'm gonna chop his fingers off and make him drink the green beans through a straw.
8 - Bath time... "Let's try to keep the bath IN the tub this time, ok?"
8:30 - Stories, hugs, kisses, BEDTIME!
9 pm - Trip on lost sippy cup.

Ok, let's be honest. We've all had days like this. Once we fall into a rut it's hard to climb our way back out.  Some of us stay home, while some of us juggle being a mom while also out in the work force.  This is precisely why I've created this blog because we can all use a little boost from time to time. I'll be posting lots of great ideas we can ALL use around the house, such as things to do on a rainy day; recipes for quick healthy dinners with what you have on hand; how to get the most out of your grocery budget; random tips and advice; and ways to stay sane! So stay tuned, follow my blog, share it with friends, and let me know what YOU want to see!

Did you know: for those lost sippy cups, a quick temporary replacement could be a clean soda or water bottle (16-20 oz) with a hole in the center of the lid. Take a nail and hammer it into the lid. WARNING: Remove nail before handing to child, just in case it wasn't self-explanatory enough. Sure, it isn't spill proof, but it will drastically reduce any mess you have to clean up in comparison to a regular cup that's been knocked over.

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