Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mmmmm, Cake....

I love baking.  But mostly, I love sculpting and decorating cakes.  I'm so far from professional, it's quite a miracle I can bake something even the least bit edible.  But that will never stop me from trying!  I love to experiment and practice with new techniques (most of the "techniques" are super trailer park ghetto-fied, as I have next to none of the proper tools needed), and would love to one day stock up a big, beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen with every cake decorating tool I could possibly get my hands on.  But for now, I'm stuck with what I have, and actually don't think the cakes turn out too bad, in retrospect.  So here are a few cakes that I've made so far:

This was my very first cake.  It was for my oldest son's 2nd birthday, done completely free-hand.

This is my second cake and my first time working with fondant.  I made it for my husband's birthday.

I made these cupcakes for my youngest son's birthday.  They were so cute!

This cake is an unfinished electric guitar. lol :)  I made it for another birthday for my husband.

This cake I made just recently for my dad's birthday.  It was done with buttercream frosting, smoothed it down like fondant, and then painted it.  The zebra print on the sides are the new Sugar Sheets by Wilton... love those things!!

I'm definitely no where near where I want to be, but I welcome any chance I get to practice :)  I might start making cakes and giving them away to my friends and family... less temptation if they're sitting on someone else's counter :)

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