Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's For Lunch? 6/28

Most ingredients are either found in your pantry or are currently on sale at your local grocery store.

Ham, Cheese, and Veggie Panini!

Sale ingredients:

Land O Frost Shaved Lunch Meat, 7.5-10 oz (@Bi-Lo, $1.99)
Southern Home shredded cheese, 8oz. (@Bi-Lo, $2)
Fresh leaf lettuce (@Bi-Lo, 88¢)
Roma or vine ripe tomatoes (Bi-Lo, $1.88/lb)

Place lunch meat, cheese of choice (experiment with cheeses you like best: cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, etc.), a few leaves of lettuce, and a slice of tomato between two slices of bread-- french bread is best, but if you only have loaf bread, pita bread, or tortillas on hand, then go for it!  Brush a little EVOO on the bread and place in a hot pan. Press with a spatula to flatten the sandwich a bit.  Once browned, flip and press with the spatula again.  Once browned on both side,  enjoy!  

Did you try the Ham, Cheese, and Veggie Panini?  Leave a comment and let us know how your family liked it.

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